Top 4 Benefits of Working With a Professional Web Design Agency

Updated December 26, 2023

If you are starting a new business and you’ve established your branding, one of the next steps will be to create a new website. Or you may already have a successful business and its time to redesign a more robust website to meet the needs of your clients, then this article is for you!

Your digital presence is your business’s front door, so it’s important to work with a web design agency who will ensure you’re inviting a good amount of great people inside. When your customers come knocking, will they encounter a seamless online experience that motivates them to convert or are they going to be let down by lagging downloads and a disorganized website layout?

Now more than ever, companies need to spend their money wisely to get the biggest impact for their online investment. With more than 90% of consumers visiting a website before they make a transaction, it’s imperative that your website is attractive, persuasive and informative. Equally as important, your ecommerce store needs to be engaging because customers aren’t just popping in for a click or two. On average, they will interact with your brand nearly 10 times before saying “I do” to becoming your newest customer.

So, how can working with a web-design-and-development agency help you achieve the above, while saving you time, money, resources and headaches? Let’s ask the experts.

The Top 4 Benefits of Working with a Professional Web Design Agency

Here are four great reasons your company will benefit when working with a web design and development agency for your new website:

Protect the integrity of your projects, without stretching your people too thin

Benefits of working with a web design and development agency

You have enough on your plate without taking on the building or major reconstruction of a user-friendly interactive website. At minimum, a website – from ideation to creation – will require approximately 12 weeks of full-time working hours and multiple hands. This long haul does not account for more visually stimulating or complex websites nor does it allow for much testing, optimization or investment in ecommerce solutions.

Your company is already responsible for operations, logistics, sales, marketing and everything else under the sun that makes your business tick. Which of your team members has the capacity to set aside their current workload to focus solely on building a website? If they make that commitment, what projects will fall to the wayside and how will that compromise your sustainability and business growth?

Work with a team of professionals you trust and who trust each other

When you choose to collaborate with a team that specializes in web design and development, not only will you protect your employee’s time and initiatives, but you will be working with people who know how to work together. While at first, freelancers may seem like a great idea: if you go this route, you’ll be responsible for managing all the moving parts of your website project.

Likely, you’ll need a copywriter, a website designer, web developers, and a search engine specialist. When you outsource individuals, you will have to hope they work together seamlessly. For the result to be a cohesive website design, you’ll also have to count on them maintaining complimentary schedules, similar work ethic and creative approaches. What this means is you are now the boss of your own company and the side hustle you have pieced together for your new digital project.

Alternatively, when you choose a cohesive web design company with a strong experienced team, so you’ll have ongoing access to a one-stop-shop, rather than searching for and managing a mixed bag of tricks.Work with an experience web design and development team at ZOO Media Group

Our ZOO Media Group experienced team brings together great minds across all facets of the website design and development process. From working with an experience marketing expert, creative director, skilled writers through to our talented website designers, developers and digital marketing specialists, we are a full-service web design agency who has worked together for many years on projects like yours. Our exceptional project management means you won’t be responsible for checking in on our progress or keeping things on schedule, we handle all that and only bother you with the big decisions and important milestones. That means, no surprises – just scheduled meetings where you get to see the magic come together, rather than corralling the tactics to make it happen.

Push the boundaries of what you thought possible

Rather than a DIY website, such as Wix or Squarespace, that relies on a prebuilt frame or stock images, our professional web designers and website developers will build you a custom website that caters to your needs and the needs of your customers. Although using one of these DIY websites or a pre-built WordPress templates might be tempting as it is a lot cheaper, it does not guarantee that you will be happy with the website or that it will appeal to your audience.

Think: eye-catching, responsive web designs powered by expert coding, and intricate functionality that will help you grow your business. If you want it, we can build it – and we will do so without ever sacrificing aesthetic appeal for technical competency – or vice versa. The result will be a highly user, and SEO-friendly website that keeps your target audiences coming back for more pages, information and purchases.

Think of this partnership as an investment, not a cost to your business

Working with a professional web design and development agency will definitely cost more than if you built the website yourself or hired a freelancer. However, working with an experienced web design company will save you a lot of headaches, time and money in the long run.

Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face, and don’t cut corners or costs at the expense of your website’s online presence. Partner with certified web design specialists whose only purpose is to put your best website forward. More than that, create an effective beautifully designed website that keeps working for you. Inside and out, your new web platform will ensure you get found more easily by increasing your visibility in ways that are authentic and sustainable.

Web design and development agency is an investment and will help with company growth


Your company’s digital presence is your front door, it’s crucial that its inviting with user-friendly front end design, perfectly coded and search engine friendly. The benefits of working with an experienced and professional web site design company like ZOO Media Group, will ensure that you can focus on your business while inviting a good amount of great people to your site and help grow your business.

See and learn more about the great work we do for our clients with beautiful, fully-responsive site designs, and custom development, and let’s chat. We can support you to cultivate truly phenomenal online experiences for the clients you care about keeping and the ones you haven’t even met yet.