Digital Marketing

When Consumers Shop Online, Are You There To Greet Them?

As the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot. So, the best time to connect with potential customers is when they are looking to make a purchase. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising allows your products and services to be front and centre with potential clients when they are looking for a product or solution. This type of advertising directs qualified leads to your website or e-Commerce store making purchases and boosting your revenue.

ZOO is a full service digital agency, we track the metrics and make data-based adjustments regularly to improve the user experience and push your return on your investment (ROI). Our goal is to ensure your marketing budget is leveraged to its full capacity so that your site continues to bring you qualified leads or online sales. We provide monthly detailed reports and updates.

There are a variety of ad types available, each with their own unique advantages.

Home Service Marketing

Search Ads

A search ad puts your information in front of a potential client when they are searching for a solution. Our experienced team will create custom campaigns to distinguish you from your competition and drive results.

Shopping Ads

Highlight your key products or best-sellers with shopping ads. Our team will reach targeted leads through campaigns that optimize your ROI. By focusing on specific potential customers that are seeking your goods and services, your sales will increase while cost per purchase will decrease.

Display Ads

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words and our ZOO team agrees! Display ads use images and rich media to capture attention across Google’s vast network of websites, and mobile apps. We will strategically target the right audience to match your brand, products and services. Who needs a thousand words?


The easiest sale to make is with a satisfied, repeat customer. So, it makes sense to use this philosophy online with remarketing ads. Our ZOO team will use their trained insights to sort through data and create a campaign that targets a strategic audience with focused ads. This campaign will not only help build your brand but also encourage past visitors to return to your website, contact you, or shop and make an online purchase!

If you'd like to grow your business through online campaigns reach out to ZOO Media Group today. Our talented team will guide you through the best options for your desired outcome.

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