ZOO Launches Artificial Intelligent Website for Ziibi

ZOO Launches Artificial Intelligent Website for Ziibi

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If you think artificial intelligence (AI) is a thing of the future, think again! Not only is this technology becoming more advanced, it’s also becoming more accessible to clients just like you. How do we know this to be true? Because we’re helping our clients harness AI technology to drive website functionality and create positive user-experiences. Need proof? Check out the custom designed and developed website for our client Ziibi.

Meet the client

Ziibi is a company that brings two important groups of people together – homeowners in need of emergency property restoration services and local contractors who are right for the job. This web-based platform takes a user-focused approach to helping homeowners find the property restoration contractor they need, all with just a click of a button. But what’s working behind the scenes to drive this incredibly efficient on-demand service? It’s the technology of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Web Design

To the untrained eye, you might not suspect there’s a complex algorithm working in the backend of Ziibi’s simple and easy-to-navigate website. However, with a look at the platform’s chat box feature, you’ll see just how useful this AI technology is.

When you land onto Ziibi’s website looking to connect with a professional property restoration contractor in your area, the AI-integrated chat box feature allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for within seconds. All you need to do is provide the bot with some simple information including your name, phone number and postal code. Based on your answers, the bot will provide you with a contractor in your area who can take care of your property restoration needs. The bot even provides the contractor’s contact information and presents a call button to get you connected quickly.

But that’s not all. Our developers also built Ziibi’s AI to be propelled by voice activation and created the backend database with expansion capabilities in mind. This framework gives the master database the ability to expand to allow third party entities, such as insurance companies, to have a window into the platform. Now, instead of just connecting homeowners to property restoration contractors near them, they can also use AI technology in the platform to connect homeowners to their insurance company’s preferred contractors, providing an added layer of convenience to the consumer.

Ziibi.ca Case Study

The Backend Algorithm

On the backend, the chat bot uses a customized algorithm to find and assign the appropriate contractor to the homeowner in need. When the homeowner provides their postal code, the platform matches them with a contractor in their database that has the same postal code. When more than one contractor possesses the postal code provided, the system assigns the contractor on an alternating basis. When insurance information is provided by the homeowner, the system re-adjusts to find a preferred vendor that matches the postal code provided.

As you can see, the AI technology in the chat bot feature drives the functionality of the platform and gives users the information they need, exactly when they need it.

Branding and Video Animation

More than just AI! While the AI technology is a highlight of Ziibi’s website overhaul, it’s not the only feature we’re proud to be apart of. To help strengthen our client’s digital identity, we also created Ziibi’s new customized branding as well as their powerful new animated video.

With all these features working together, we’re helping Ziibi get seen, get noticed and get homeowners connected to the property restoration contractors they need.

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