Brand Advertising vs Action-oriented Advertising

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Often times we see ourselves as marketing experts, and who can blame us with all the advertising we’ve been exposed to throughout our lifetime. However, most of this advertising is done by large multi-national corporations with billion dollar advertising budgets. Companies like Coca Cola can get away with sticking together a couple of cute polar bears to sell their product. This approach is called brand advertising, and it does have proven results due to the ads repetitiveness, which is possible through the billions of dollars and wide media exposure.

After seeing brand advertising with such frequency it is no wonder that most managers make the mistake in assuming it is the only way to promote their business. Yet it is by far more advantageous for most companies to employ action-oriented advertising since it will generate a direct response and its results can be observed almost instantly. Action-oriented advertising can be designed to attract and educate prospects, insight purchases, build quality leads, and mobilize the existing customer base. Its power lies in motivating the target customer through valuable incentives, as opposed to brand advertising which mainly relies on long-term image building. And since we know that your advertising budgets don’t grow on trees, we strongly recommend that you implement an ad campaign that’s action-oriented. It will get you more leads for your buck, and generate instant sales.